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Monday, 27 August 2018

Top Motivational Speech On Labor Day That Crack Your Hearts 💔

Labor Day speech:-The Labor Day has been named in the name of the society whose shoulders are in the right ways in the wake of the world's advancement. Labor Day is the day of laborers' rights and revolution; After laboring today, workers get their right to labor laws.

There is no excitement in the workers about this day,copy these ten lines on labour day and past in your timeline. called the days of self-respect for the laborers. Increasing inflation and family.

On the day of labor day there are many meetings across the country, large seminars are organized.I hope you enjoyed this labour day in india.

If you are looking for labour day usa then you have landed on right place. Workers have a very important role in our country and for its development.

Workers have to work hard every day. Vacation is declared in many countries on this day.Here i have gathered some labour day uk. The working class organizes several rallies this day, apart from this, many programs are organized by the government on this day.

Most beautiful Labor Day Speech

The working class is an integral part of our society, they should be respected if they are exploited with a laborergrab this write an article on labour day.

Copy these international labour day speech 2018 and past in your timeline.The laborers pay obeisance in the progress of their country by working day and night.
Most beautiful Labor Day Speech
labor day speech

Good Morning everyone, Thanks for your get together here and giving your precious time, on this occasion I am going to deliver a speech on Labour Day,

As we all know Labour Day is celebrated across the globe on 1st May of every year. This day is celebrated to pay the tribute to the workers who have made great contributions to make the world more strong and prosper.

Earlier in the nineteenth century working conditions were severe and by then workers went on strike and demanded for eight hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation and eight hours for rest.

Labour Day itself constitutes many privileges and welfare for the working men and women. It has cut down the daily working hours from 12-16 hours to 8 hours in a day. No company can compel any worker to work beyond 8 hours without getting paid for those extra hours.

Minimum wage rate has been fixed in order to safeguard the interest of the working people. Unions has been made to protect their rights.

The Child Act 1986 prohibited employing any child below 14 years and is considered as a criminal offence. No company can grow without hiring people who dedicatedly work for them. So in return of that they deserve the respect and fair judgement for the duties delivered on their part.

Labour Day has given the right to all the workers to enjoy the freedom and privileges they have gained for their contribution to the nation.

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