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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Latest Labor Day Poem | Collection Of Labour Day Poetry (*Happy#)

Labor day poem 2018: -Any public charitable government and nation, people's social security, justice and living should have the first legal purpose. If we talk about India, then the question is to ask how effective governmental and non-government efforts proved in this direction.

If this class does not grow in the way of progress copy these labor day poetry and past in your timeline. by taking advantage of economic, then old schemes will to be proved in the new pack.

Money came from some government treasures in the laborers' pocket but there was no concrete task in.I hope you enjoyed this labor day poems.

If you are looking for labor day poems in english then you have landed on right place.the laborers and the unemployed of the land?

Due to the harsh employment law, unorganized sector has increased in the country.Here i have gathered some labor day tributes. This has also led to unemployment. The question arises that the big advisors of the government will work for the poor.

Poems About Labor Day

Even today, millions of such poor laborers, such as children, elderly, handicapped, women and men, are living in our neighborhood, even after two-hour wage labor, grab this poems about labor.

Copy these poems about workers and past in your timeline.Even today, in the civilized society of economically prosperous democracies,

Poems About Labor Day
poems about labor day

Throw up our feet,
start up the grill,
toss on the 'burgers
and we'll all eat our fill.

Put up the tools,
watch the grass grow,
forget the leak
and the commode overflow.

The dishes can wait;
go out and play.
There's good reason to be lazy...
it's called Labor Day!

Author: Nancy Hughes


Even the bosses are sleeping late
in the dusty light of September.

The parking lot’s empty and no one cares.
No one unloads a ladder, steps on the gas

or starts up the big machines in the shop,
sanding and grinding, cutting and binding.

No one lays a flat bead of flux over a metal seam
or lowers the steel forks from a tailgate.

Shadows gather inside the sleeve
of the empty thermos beside the sink,

the bells go still by the channel buoy,
the wind lies down in the west,

the tuna boats rest on their tie-up lines
turning a little, this way and that. --labor day poems quotes


Labor Day by Lill Pluta People work. People play.
That’s why we have Labor Day.
Plumbers, bakers, painters, vets,
Fishermen with giant nets.
Firefighters, engineers,
Barbers snipping with their shears.
Teachers, waiters, nurses, cooks,
Authors writing thrilling books.
Carpenters and deputies,
People who take care of bees.
No matter what it is you do,
There’s one thing that’s always true.
Every worker needs to rest.
I hope your Labor Day’s the best! 
-labor day poems in english




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